Tom Rivera

Born in Nassau Bay,Texas, Tom moved from Houston to Michigan, where he first got interested in playing an instrument. He started playing the guitar during the summer of 2006 while living with his family in Denver, Colorado.

During high school, while living in Lakeland, Florida, Tom sang with his high shools choir for Disney's Candlelight Choir at Disney World, furthering his involvment in the music world

In the early days and years of his guitar playing career, Tom mostly played by himself developing his own musical style and form. In 2010, while living in League City, Texas, Tom began to branch out and began jamming periodically with new friends, including Anthony Puskus. After many late nights playing together in backyards and friend's barns, Tom and Anthony started getting together more and more and eventually they were rehearsing in Anthony's garage four or five days a week!

From this came the birth of Card-Castle Deluxe.

In the summer of 2012, Tom joined the Zach Tate Band playing lead guitar. Later that same summer Tom attended Berklee School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts to furthur his musical education. During his tenure with Zach Tate, Tom soaked up as much experience and knowledge of stage life that he could. He left ZTB after two years to concentrate on family and to help make the Card-Castle as Deluxe as possible.