Stan "Dupp" Allison

“STAN DUPP”, began playing bass guitar in the fall of 1970. He was born in Chicago, IL. in 1955, grew up in Kankakee, IL., and graduated high school in Gilman, IL. in 1973.

Stan’s musical career began in 1963 with accordion lessons through 1970 offering him somewhat of a formal education for a backround with music. A friend, Rodger Giasson, introduced him to the guitar and the bass in 1970 as they formed a band called, “THE PSYCOMATIC 5”, which initiated Stan’s lifetime career of playing music. 

Rodgers' dad had a country band called, “Art and the Changing Tides”, that gave Stan some roots in country and rock. He played bass with them and has been in the pocket ever since. Stan learned to play by ear which came easy to him as he had a natural talent for music. Listening to records and watching all the bass players he could, he honed his craft and followed a path that lead him to be the bass player he is today.

Stan moved to Houston TX in 1977 to pursue his desire to be the best bass player he could possibly be. 

In 1978, Stan hooked up with Houston’s own, “JEREMIAH”. Being one of the top club bands in Texas they took the stage opening for such bands as, John Kay & Steppenwolf, Budgie, Point Blank, Trapeze, The Monkees & The Guess Who, along with being the headliner band for many venues on the circuit managed by John Bloomstrum of “AMERICAN BANDS, INC.”.

Stan’s travels took him back to Illinois and to Iowa in the 1980’s. He played with a funky band in Ames, IA. named “Bumpy Action”, which opened up new doors in Motown and funk. 

1990 took Stan back home in Kankakee, IL. where he played for a southern rock band called “Bootleg”, and would later form his own blues band, “Cornerstone”.

1998 brought Stan to Austin, TX. after his second divorce, determined to go back to playing music full time. Playing with The Lee Persons Band, Apogee, Henry Crafts Band, Jimi Berg Band, Catherine Denise & Snakeboy Johnson. 

Along with basing himself out of Austin, Stan went on the road with various variety and country and rock bands such as, The James R Band of St. Louis, The Knockers from New Orleans and later with The Kevin Atwater band.

1999 put Stan with the Smokey River Band aboard the M/S Holiday for Carnival Cruise Lines.

In 2000, Stan was in Des Moines, IA playing with blues bands like, JC Anderson Band, Fat Tuesday & The Jeff Banks Band.

In 2002, Stan found himself back in Chicago playing for blues great, “Studebaker John and the Hawks” till 2005.

2006 brought Stan to Dallas TX where he played with blues bands like, Jackie Don Loe, Andrea Dawson, Gerry Moss and the Mossmen along with rock bands, Gravity, Don’t Tell Mama, and Sabrina and Gyspy Bleu. 

In 2014, Stan returned to Houston to hook up with Chris Terranova n Big Noyzz for a while, then moved on to play with The Zach Tate Band until he left to bring his fat groove and accomplished bass playing to play with CARD CASTLE DELUXE.