Anthony Puskus

Anthony is a Houston native and has lived and performed in the South Houston area his whole life.

The oldest of three children, Anthony has loved music as long as he can remember.

He began playing guitar in 6th grade as part of a mini-course offered at his intermediate school. What started as a six-week course of introductory guitar, has grown into a passion that has taken him across Texas, to Oklahoma and Louisiana, and as far as the Mediterranean coast of France.

Despite being in choir in elementary school and then again when he started High School, his first foray into contemporary music was in his sophomore year of high school with a short lived position as lead singer for a metal band he and some friends put together, Skald.

After that a classmate, Greg Nitch, recruited Anthony to play drums for a project eventually named, Rage and Warfare (R.A.W), which ended after Greg left for the Air Force.

In 2008, Anthony was cast as the Pirate King in his high school's production of  Gilbert & Sullivan's "Pirates of Penzance". That experience is what convinced him to pursue a Vocal Performance education at Louisiana State University where he received a full scholarship for singing. The skills and knowledge gained there gave Anthony the tools to catapult his guitar playing, and drumming, to the next level.

Upon returning from LSU, Anthony would frequently get together with friends to jam wherever and whatever they could. Eventually, after months of playing around, he and a friend, Tom Rivera, began to get more serious about their playing. Although their musical influences and playing styles differed greatly, they also began to compliment each other as the two became closer and more comfortable playing together.

In 2010, an early, two-piece, incarnation of Card-Castle was born.

Anthony and Tom continued to hone their sound as a two piece band, with Anthony alternating between drums and guitar. Slowly but surely more personell began coming into the band, swapping out bassists and drummers, and in the process Card-Castle became DELUXE.

In the Summer of 2012, both Tom and Anthony joined the Zach Tate Band as guitarist and drummer, respectively. After Tom left for personal reasons, Anthony remained to perform with Zach, with whom he as recorded and co-produced two albums and embarked on a 16-day tour of the coast of France in the Summer of 2015.

Anthony has since left ZTB to concentrate more on Card-Castle and his personal life.

Currently Anthony is still fronting CCD, performing as a solo acoustic act, and several other projects here and there...