Andrew Manchac

Hailing from Dickinson Texas, Andrew Manchac has been around music his entire life. Starting at the age of 2 his father, Buddy Manchac, started introducing him to several musical instruments, none which Andrew showed much interest. That was until he got his first drum set at the age of 3.

Starting out with what seemed like an innocent hobby, Andrew eventually started expanding his drumming knowledge. Watching all the local drummers come in and out of his fathers band, Blue Attitude, Andrew picked up many drumming styles along the way.

In 6th grade Andrew decided to join the school band, entering the percussion program where he learned various percussion instruments and music theory all through his academic career. During this musical exploration, Andrew played with many different bands and many different genres ranging from Rhythm & Blues, Country, Hard Rock, Alternative Rock, Progressive and Heavy Metal, all of which brought a unique style to his drumming attributes.

With all of the experimentation out of the way by the age of 15, Andrew landed a gig drumming at the local blues jam at Ronnie's Ice House where he played alongside his Father Buddy. The Sunday Blues jam at Ronnie's was a success off and on for years. The last iteration of this jam, hosted by the Legendary Tony Hill, however proved to be the most successful to date. It brought out plenty of talent from all around, including a young up and coming band named Card-Castle Deluxe.

Andrew and the boys from CCD quickly became friends after playing a few tasty grooves at the jam, and CCD quickly recognized Andrews skills. One evening Anthony approached Andrew and asked if he would like to jam and go over the setlist, and perhaps maybe even join CCD permanently. After learning most of the setlist in just a couple days and practices Andrew was in to take his place in the most Deluxe band in history.